Mark your calendar and schedule your life appropriately for Monday, August 21.  

In about a month, Oregon will be invaded by  “eclipse-chases” from around the world who travel to wherever the Moon’s shadow is going to touch the earth.  Long ago,  thousands of these space-loving people secured themselves carefully chosen spots to assure that they see this amazing sight. 

As predicted by the astronomers decades in advance, the moon shadow will travel a precise path across the United States, arriving with perfect accuracy.

The marvelous dance of the cosmos is undeniable and completely out of our control. 

Also out of our control is the inevitably frustrating traffic we all face increasingly on a regular day around town.  Factor in the multitude of astronomical globe-trotters,  many of who will be landing at PDX and then traveling around the state and you can understand why the  Oregon Department of Transportation predicts that the eclipse will cause the worst traffic jams in the Oregon’s  history.    ODOT is taking precautions, and you should too! 

Take a look at this path of the eclipse.  The highways and by-ways in the center of our sweet state are expected to be full.  As you can see, Portland is out of the path.  You can head south to see a partial viewing.  From Bend, head north.  Or you can follow it online or through other media outlets.  It’s not the same as being on earth when the magical black out occurs, but you’ll get the idea of the miraculous occurrence. 

It’s about a two-minute event, starting around 10 a.m.

You can get more information about the eclipse here, including a downloadable App. 

Where are you going to be?







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