1190 KEX’s Mark Mason Interview 4/24/2020


Make me like your company

Much-loved Radio personality Mark Mason called Cory Company recently to say I was spot-on with my recent LinkedIn post advising broadcast advertisers to refrain from telling us that these are “uncertain times.”

On his radio show Friday, Mark and I were able to expand that conversion and highlight ‘how-to’ talk to consumers these days.  Great discussion!  You can listen to the segment here.

avoid Cliches

The takeaway is that after two months of sobering  news and non-stop spin, all of us are weary of  messages that have become a cliche, like “uncertain times,”  as well as “in this together”  and “stay safe.” 

Too many businesses are saying the same thing in the same way.  Cue the pensive and moody piano underscore. 

There is a better way to go. You can still be relevant and respectful and most of all, engaging!

Cory Company is adept at crafting broadcast advertising that showcases the unique personality of your business.  You want to connect with consumers in a positive way so they like you and feel good about your company.  

Let’s connect and find out what your company is doing to assure customers that they will be well served–and safe.

Then, I’ll make sure that message is heard. 







Words Vs. Data

We are awash in numbers.  Data is everywhere.  Old-fashioned things like words are in retreat; numbers are on the rise.  Unquantifiable arenas like history, literature, religion and the arts are receding from public life, replaced by technology, statistics, science, and math.  Even the most elemental form of communication, the story, is being pushed aside the list.”Bruce Feiler, NY Times, 2014.

No doubt, data and automation are driving business, At what cost?

In advertising, data doesn’t grow your business.  Good stories grow businesses.  And good stories are shared by customers.

Be heard.  Tell your story. And deliver on your business promise..

Regardless of other options, “word-of-mouth” advertising is critical to business success, whether it communicated by a customer or conveyed affordably in sound- driven media.

New media allows businesses to pinpoint an exact target customer.  But is the required investment to reach that ideal person sustainable?  Maybe not.

Compare the cost-per-thousand of passive digital impressions to the cost of broadcasting a memorable audio message crafted to engage, inform or entertain.  Audio messages breakthrough. And, typically, the cost of broadcast advertising is more affordable.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, advertisers shouldn’t back away from traditional media like radio and TV.  With sound, businesses will reach their best targets along with thousands of unintended prospects.

By building familiarity with a larger audience, a message provides value for the future.

Consider the observation of noted futurist Gerd Leonhard:

“Trust isn’t digital, happiness isn’t a program and relationships aren’t code.”